Fall 2020 Scheduling Information


  • Scheduling will be done via email and phone (or zoom) amongst the teams in each bracket/division.
  • Please click on the SCHEDULING GUIDELINES for specific information on how scheduling is to be done for FALL 2020.

  • We have created a spreadsheet for each bracket which shows a listing of the teams and the available fields.

  • ONLY 1 person (group leader) from each bracket is to complete the spreadsheet and forward to BPYSL at bpyslsoccer@gmail.com when ALL GAMES have been scheduled for the group.
    • The Group Leader should download the SCHEDULING TEMPLATE and RENAME to the AgeGenderBracket (ie:U11GirlsBuckeyeState.xls).
    • The Group Leader should enter the date, time, location, field number, team 1 (copy name exactly as listed), & team 2 (copy name exactly as listed) in the rows below the team names. There are the correct number of rows pre-listed for 6 games for each team in the bracket. (To verify that you have the correct total number of games that should be listed for a bracket take the number of teams times 6 and divide by 2).

  • We are asking that teams schedule 6 total games each at this point. If we see that the season is moving forward without issues due to Covid-19, we will then allow teams to schedule an additional 1 or 2 games.

  • We are allowing teams to determine who plays who. If your bracket of teams cannot agree please contact us and we will create the opponents for your group.
  • Fields will be given priority to older age groups (ie: if 2 u14 teams have picked the same field as 2 u15 teams and it is the only field available, the U15 team will have seniority for the field).
  • Please note- if you do not indicate one of the specified allowable times as indicated below, we will move the time to the closest available. 


1. Be sure you know your team’s tournament schedule, school breaks, dances, school trips, etc. prior to scheduling.

2. The Fields that are available to schedule are listed on the scheduling sheet.

a. Teams may use their own fields (designated on the sheet as ‘Club field’) as long as they have permission to play there (BPYSL will not cover any costs for use of these fields). The opponent must also agree to play at the location.

4. BPYSL does NOT have Home and Away teams since it is a travel league. Teams are expected to do some travel but we have made efforts for this season to keep travel to a minimum when possible.


Cincy / Dayton   Middletown Smith   
Cincy North        McClure
Cincy North        Lebanon Countryside YMCA
Cincy West         Miami Whitewater
Cincy East          Clear Creek
Cincy Other        Club Field
Columbus East          Kilbourne Run
Columbus East          Easton
Columbus Far East    Newark NASA
Columbus West         Spindler
Columbus Other        Club Field
Dayton North East   Enon
Dayton South          Pat Allyn Park
Dayton South East  Ankeney
Dayton Central        Warrior
Dayton East            Hobson
Dayton Other          Club Field
***Teams may use their own Club Fields if the opposing team agrees, team has permission to use, and understands that BPSYL does not cover costs to use Club fields.


6. Game Times can be scheduled at the following standard times:

a. Saturday/Sunday


b. Monday-Friday (Grass Only as we do NOT have Turf during the week due to school activities)

6:00pm (teams can adjust as needed as daylight lasts longer)



7. Fees are DUE within 10 days of acceptance- WE DO NOT INVOICE TEAMS. Please mail a check for your fees to:


670 Lakeview Plaza Blvd
Suite D
Worthington, Oh 43085

o U11 & U12- FALL $550

o U13 & U14-FALL $650    U15 FALL $750