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Interested in becoming a certified referee?

Referee Interest

Go to to find a class near you.

If you are a certified referee for the current year, at least 14 years of age, and have an interest in signing up for BPYSL games contact one of the following Referee Assignors.

District 1 Cincinnati South - Fred Lee

District 1 Cincinnati North - Joel Hughes

District 2 Dayton - Geoff Darr

District 3 Columbus - Joel Hughes


Information from the OSSRC website:  for additional information please go to

1.) NEW REFEREE CANDIDATES or RE-CERTIFYING REFEREES must log into the US Soccer Learning Center (LC):

NEW REFEREE CANDIDATES: Sign up to create new referee profile


RE-CERTIFYING REFEREES FIRST TIME IN THE US SOCCER LC:  Sign up and the system will attempt to match your information to previous license history that will appear in your profile.  Referees with history should then see previous licenses listed on their US Soccer profile.  If not, click the “missing license” text to notify US Soccer of a missing license(s) on their referee profile. 

Click here to log into US Soccer Learning Center

2.) Register and purchase the appropriate US Soccer LICENSURE course in US Soccer Learning Center (CLICK ON “COURSES” AND THEN “AVAILABLE COURSES”):

New candidates should select “Grassroots - First Time Referees”.

After payment to US Soccer, courses can be found by clicking on “Courses” and then “My Courses”.

COMPLETE ALL online assignments by clicking on “Go To Classroom” under purchased course and then clicking “ASSIGNMENTS”.  The first assignment that you should complete is the background check as it may take up to 14 days to be approved once submitted.

Background checks and Safesport training is only required for referees 18 and older in age.  HOWEVER, US Soccer will suspend your license if you do not complete both items within 10 days of turning 18.  US Soccer will require you to pay the fee for the Background Check at this time as it is not charged for referees under the age of 18 at the time of registration.  You will be notified by US Soccer several times prior to and after turning 18.

ATTEND in-person assigned (SPECIFIC TO COURSE) Ohio South meeting to receive badge.

Click here to find available courses

3.) Complete or update (must reflect creation date of Jan. 1, 2019 or later) NFHS Concussion Course and bring certificate to meeting - Click here


New Referee Candidates will find instructions inside the US Soccer LC course on how to create an OSSRC profile by clicking “Courses”,  “My Courses“, “Go To Classroom”, “Communication”.

Registration for Cincinnati-North and Columbus Officials


Buckeye Premier district 1 Cincinnati North and district 3 Columbus will use Game Officials for referee assignments.

Columbus officals will no longer need to fill out the referee availability form. Everything will be done on the Game Officials system from here on out. To get registered please follow the instructions below.

Once you join the group labeled "Joel Hughes Assigning: BPYSL & MOSSL", you must notify the assignor you have created your account.  If you do not let us know you are in the system you will not be able to see games available.  Please provide a little background information and your age/level preferences so we may fully set up your account. [assignor contact - Joel Hughes]

New Users: (You do not have a profile anywhere in Please follow these instructions to request a username and password for

1. Go to
2. Click on the <New Official> link (left hand side of the screen in green).
3. Enter the following under the [Group Number and Access Code] box:
a. Group Number = 1184
4. Access Code = referee
5. Click <Continue>
6. Enter the following information:
a. Name, First & Last
b. Email address
c. Username
d. Password
7. Click on <SAVE (Create New Account)>
8. You will receive a message "Welcome to Game!", click on OK
9. Input your Username and Password and click<Log In>
10. After you login for the first time check the box [I Agree With These Terms] and click <Continue>.
11. From the "Officials Maintenance" screen, enter the following information:
a. Date of Birth
b. Address, City, State, and Zip Code
c. Phone Numbers
d. Additional email addresses
e. Other Information
12. Click on <SAVE (Modify Official)>

Current Users:
If you already have a login to, you can link your account to the new Joel Hughes Group by logging in and using the "Join Group" feature on the "My Assignors" page.

To join the Joel Hughes Group, do the following:

1. Login to
2. Click on the <My Assignors> link (left hand side of the screen under [Personal Info]).
3. Click on the <(Show)> link (left hand side of the [Join New Group] dialog box inside [MY ASSIGNORS]).
4. Enter the following under the [Join Existing Group] box:
a. Group/Assignor Number = 1184
b. Group Access Code = referee
5. Click <Join Group>