Frequently Asked Questions


How early should I arrive?

Arrive at least 15 min before the start of the game.

Do I need to check player cards?

YES, it is required that player cards are checked before the start of each game.

Can US Club cards be accepted?

NO, only OSYSA club cards are an acceptable form of player verification.

What if I show up and there is no center referee?

If no center ref has signup or is a no show an AR should step into that position and find a club AR to fill in.

How do I know if fields are closed due to weather?

Referees should check field status hotline at 1-888-431-2786 when weather is bad. Teams are not responsible for paying referees if field closures are beyond their control.

What if I am handed money for a fellow referee before they have arrived or a no show referee?

Teams should distribute money directly to each referee as they arrive. If you are accidently handed money for a referee who hasn't arrived or is a no show that money should be returned to the team immediately.

If I am the center referee can I decide how to distribute money to the ARs?

No, ARs will receive the full amount of pay at the time of the game regardless of arriving late or any other circumstances.

If too many referees show up to a game how do we decide who does the game?

Only the referees who are officially signed up in the assignor system can do the game. If two referees show up, but neither of them has signed up, whoever arrived first gets to referee the game. Once the game is complete, at first opportunity, that referee will need to log in and pick up the game.