Tryouts and preparation for the fall season are at hand!

Tryouts and preparation for the fall season are at hand!

Tryouts and preparations for the fall season are at hand!

Submit your application today! When applying for returning teams select the division you were assigned in the spring and wish to play this fall. We will endeavour to place you there again. For New Teams enter the division you think you will be the most competitive. If you have any additional info that will help us to place your team in an appropriate division place enter that in the notes at the end of the application.

We will see you on the pitch this fall!


Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League

We are a proud member of USYS, U.S. Soccer, & Ohio South Youth Soccer.

Join us this fall on fields all across OHIO!

In Season Reminders


*Check Facebook and our Field Hotline for field closures. If you scheduled your own club's field or contracted one on your own, you MUST notify us of any changes, cancellations, or weather closures PRIOR to the game being played (and fees may result if not done in the required amount of time).

*The game schedule that is online is what stands. If you are not able to play a game you MUST notify us! Not providing the required amount of notification will result in fees.

*ALL game changes need to be submitted using the online game change request- it helps if you use the field availability and put specific location, field #, and time. If you are using your own field or have arranged a field on your own, you MUST list who gave you permission on the game change request or it will be denied.

*Either team can enter the game score- this should be done within 48hrs of the game being played.



Please use this number with discretion for emergency situations! George 740-604-0779

If you are at a field and there are NO referees 15 min prior to game time, you can call this cell. Just remember if you are at a complex with multiple games going on, referees may not arrive until closer to game time. ***DO NOT use this cell to check on field status- please refer to the field status instructions here ***DO NOT use this cell to cancel or request game changes- please refer to the online game change procedures